Welcome to Adventure!

Adventure has concluded its third season this past October, with more fantastic creatures, more strange new worlds, and more.. ADVENTURE! Congratulation to the Unicron Girl and Psychic Baby (long story) for surviving the finale episode. Look for them both in the upcoming short, "Adventure: Battle for Earth!".

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The year is long since forgotten...

As are the reasons the world is in the state it is in: countries replaced by kingdoms and city-states, the human race evolved into various sub-species resembling fantastical creatures of ancient myth, and scientific achievements of past civilizations buried under rock and memory.

Welcome to Adventure! Our cast and crew consist of performers from the anime and video game industry, as well as the writers and directors behind Dungeon Master and Tales of the Extraordinary.

Though every episode of Adventure is scripted and rehearsed, we pull up to 6 willing volunteers from the audience to play characters in the show...at which point anything can happen. With the use of the "Widget" device, they can alter reality to bring their friend back from the dead, make people fall in love with each other, or teleport to, say, Neo-Tokyo. And as with any post-apocalypse, violence can break out at any moment...but fear not! All staged combat takes place is comically slowed down for your safety (and ours)!

For more on the show, consult our FAQ... of Adventure!

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